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Roof Pitch Guide

The pitch of the roof is important in understanding how your gutter cleaning will be priced. The measure of the steepness of the roof is commonly known as the pitch. The first row have a seemingly flat pitch and can easily be walked.  The middle row can be walked, but can be dangerous without experience. The last row is not walkable and the gutters must be cleaned from the ladder.

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How Do I Know That I Need My Gutters Cleaned?

Gutters are an integral part of any homeowner's responsibility as they divert water away from the foundation of the home.  If water flows freely from the roof off of the house, your gutters may be full of debris.  There are various issues that may cause water overflow, but our technicians will inspect your system from the roof and ensure that the system operates properly.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With My Completed Service?

If you are ever dissatisfied with a completed service, please contact us immediately and we will schedule a technician to return to the home and get the homeowners approval.

What If I Have Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are still in need of consistent servicing dependent upon the type of gutter guards and the area surrounding the home.  Our technicians are trained to handle gutter guard cleaning and will ensure your system works properly. Gutter guard systems may be more difficult to maintain at times and may be cleaned at a higher rate.

Do You Have A Customer Referral Program?

Suggesting our company to a friend, family member, or neighbor may discount your next gutter cleaning.  Have your referral mention your name in the description of their service need and receive a $10 discount off of your next service.

Do You Offer Military Discount?

King George Gutters appreciates all of our clients who have served in the military or are serving in the military by offering a discounted rate. Please inform us when you schedule your service and we will offer you a discounted rate on gutter cleanings.

Does King George Gutters Give Invoices Out Upon Request?

Simply ask your technician for an invoice whether it is a preference or necessary for move-outs and your technician will accommodate you accordingly.

Is the homeowner required to be present at the time of service?

The homeowner does not need to be home at the time of service but simply has to schedule service and provide a payment method upon receiving service.  All work done is outside of the home and the property will be left in better condition or as found after completion of service.